Aviation Security


Check-in Area

observe unattended items, suspicious behaviour of passengers and carry out security baggage search upon receiving airlines’ requests.

Travel Documents Check

verify the validity of documentation against travel restrictions imposed on passengers by the authorities in the transit or destination countries and also passport and boarding pass reconciliation at boarding gates to prevent any potential immigration fines


Baggage Search Service

detect liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs), weapons and explosives potentially concealed in passengers’ baggage.

Apron & Ramp Area Search

comb through airport aprons and ramp areas prior to aircraft arrival; observation, control and ID verification while an aircraft is parked; observe off-loading of baggage and check the cargo compartment; monitor screen cleaners, other service personnel and their equipment entering / exiting an aircraft

Aircraft Security and Door Access

control access to the aircraft, record each personnel entering /exiting an aircraft, and verify their airport security permits to maintain optimal aircraft security.

Baggage Makeup Area

continuously monitor the loading and unloading of baggage to prevent unauthorised access to passengers’ baggage and provide security escort of baggage containers to / from the aircraft.

Cargo Escort

escort all cargo shipment to the aircraft throughout the loading process; ensure valuable shipments are in good condition, and report any damage to the shippers and appropriate authorities.

Operate “IPF” (Inadmissible Passenger Facility)

provision of secure facility, food and bedding for inadmissible passengers at Don Mueang International Airport.